Types of Rehabilitation Services for the Elderly with Disabilities

Types of Rehabilitation Services for the Elderly with Disabilities

Elderly disabled people have a need not only for permanent care and assistance of medical workers but also for psychological support and social protection. Unfortunately, older people find it hard to re-engage in social life, because they do not always have the strength and energy to do so. Rehabilitation is a long process that requires some effort, both from the handicapped person himself/herself and from his/her relatives. The rehabilitation process requires taking into account the emotional and physical condition of the person. Rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled can be of the following types:

  • Medical rehabilitation involves the restoration of the functioning of organs and body systems.
  • Psychological rehabilitation allows you to maintain your mood and desire to continue treatment, to increase faith in your own strength.
  • Social rehabilitation involves the restoration of a person’s ability to care for themselves independently, to communicate with other people, and return back to normal life.
  • Vocational rehabilitation is especially important for those who have become disabled before the age of 50, although everyone wants to be able to work. This type of rehabilitation allows the elderly to restore the ability to work.
  • Educational rehabilitation involves consulting on legal, medical, and social issues. This type of rehabilitation allows you to make informed decisions that relate to the organization of care for the disabled.
  • Gerontological care involves a whole range of measures to serve the elderly, which takes into account the age, physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly.
  • Private Boarding Homes for Disabled Elderly:
  • Private boarding houses offer different programs depending on the needs of the elderly person. It may simply care for a disabled person or a special individual rehabilitation program that can be developed for any period of time. Such boarding houses, as a rule, provide services for the preparation of rehabilitation programs and the organization of care for an elderly person at home.
  • Private boarding house can serve not only as a place of rehabilitation but also as a rest home. Older people are very comfortable to be there, as they are provided with proper care, food is organized taking into account the characteristics of people in old age, there is an opportunity to talk with a psychologist and discuss their fears and problems. In addition, private resorts care about the leisure of the elderly, i.e., they organize various activities and classes of interest for seniors. The prices for these services often vary, but basically, the cost of accommodation is comparable to the cost of staying in a cheap hotel.

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General Wealth Building Investments for Seniors

General Wealth Building Investments for Seniors

As you grow old you must have gathered quite some knowledge about life. Something that is most important to understand in life is how you manage your investments. When you were young you must not have thought about investing too much, but with age you have. Apart from investing to get money for leading your life after retiring it is also important to grow some personal wealth. Here are some wealth building investments that will enhance your portfolio when you are senior. 

Personal Savings

Personal savings is something that is easy to start and easy to maintain also. If you can do that regularly after a particular time you will find that you have stashed away quite some money that can be utilized for any purpose. Set up your personal savings account and set away an amount after each pay check. Gradually you will find that savings have become a habit. Depending upon your age you must start setting away an amount. Like when you are in your 40s you can keep aside 10% of your income. However as you grow old it is necessary that you increase this amount. Also it is necessary to have a joint plan along with your spouse so that you both can contribute there.

Real Estate

Although there is risk associated with it, but if you wish you can make quite some money by investing in real estate. There are different kinds of real estate investments and before you make an investment it is necessary that do complete research on each type. They are risky but if you can do it with proper research then no doubt that the returns are high. You can invest in a family home that is going to pay you after retirement. As you grow old your payment for acquisition of the home will keep decreasing. Moreover, by the time you retire you will find that you have your personal home that will let you enjoy life without much worries after retirement.   You can also invest in rental properties where you will find that you own property at affordable rates and later rent them off. This way you can have a source of income too. In order to buy such properties you must wait for a buyer’s market when the costs are less compared to other time. The location is important when you go for such properties.

Popular Morning Exercises for the Elderly

Popular Morning Exercises for the Elderly


Lie on your back, legs comfortably bend at the knees, place your hands on your stomach. We carry out the breathing of the diaphragm: once – inhale with the nose, to inflate the stomach; two – exhale slowly to draw in your stomach. Watch your well-being, as an elderly person may experience dizziness.

Passing the Ball

Put your legs together, arms outstretched to the sides, hold the ball in your right hand (or another object suitable for shifting). Inhale once, pass the ball to your left hand under the bent knee, exhale. Two, lie down on the starting position, inhale. Three, – pass the ball from the left hand to the right below the left knee, exhale. Four, go back to the place, inhale. Repeat three times.


Legs are straight, arms calmly lie along the body. First, raise your right hand, put it behind the head, left foot sliding on the floor, raise in the knee, inhale. Two, back to the beginning, exhale. Three, the left hand behind the head, the right leg bend, inhale. Four, lay down at attention, exhale.


We lay quietly on the floor, legs together, arms along the body. Once on the floor, take your right arm and left foot to the side, inhale. Two, return back, exhale. Three, on the floor we set aside the left arm and the right leg, inhale. Four, come back, exhale. If the exercise is difficult for older people, then you can withdraw your right leg and arm, respectively. Again it’s time to count the pulse in one minute. Remember, what frequency is your maximum and do not exceed it.


Bend your arms in front with a “shelf”, raising your head, look up. Once, turn your head to the right, lower it into your hands with your left side, relax, exhale. Two, go back, look up, inhale. Three, turn your head to the left, lower it in your arms, relax, exhale. Four, go back, look up, inhale. Can be repeated four times.


Bend your arms in front of you so that your head rests on your hands. Easily and naturally, alternately bend and unbend the legs at the knees.


We stand, resting on our knees and palms. Once – right hand forward, left foot back, inhale. Two, keeping balance, we return to all fours, exhale. Three, the left arm forward, and the right leg to pull back inhale. Four, return to the starting position, exhale.


Sit on a chair, hold the seat with your hands to gain stability. Legs bent at the knees at right angles. Roll your feet from heel to toe and back. Repeat six times.


Sit on a chair, calmly put your hands on your knees. Once, raise your hands up through the sides, inhale. Two, lower your hands again on the knees, slightly bending forward, exhale. Can be repeated five times.

Medigap for Senior Adults:

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Retirement is associated with a lot of self- reflection in regards to someone’s past, present and even future life. The quality of life that one has lived, achievements realized as well as failures is some of the issues that retirees reminisce on as a measure of their life’s worth. A lot of them also find themselves thinking about their aging and it’s normal. For there is that period when one is youthful and beautiful, when the face is shiny, the skin quite smooth and with even tone. When the body is energetic, physically fit to undertake any activity without experiencing back aches and complaining of joint pain. When the brain is at its best and slow thinking or memory loss don’t form part of one’s vocabulary. However, old age changes all the above and copping with these changes can be a challenge depending on one’s approach towards the same.


We all love looking good and staying fit. As such a wrinkled skin, loss of physical fitness and diminishing mental capabilities can be devastating. It can be too serious that some elderly people ultimately lose their self-esteem and drown into depression. Our society is also kind of cruel and mostly focuses too much on the negative rather than the positive aspects of one’s life and personality. As such the elderly are at times subjected to unnecessary ridicule based on their age, physical appearances, living conditions and the choices they make. This is by immoral men and women in the society who do not realize that they are too aging and sooner or later they might be in the same situation ironically if “lucky enough”. The question is. Does it really matter? Should old age or rather physical appearance be a determinant to a person’s worth or personality?


Old age is a blessing and a sign of a life well lived. It’s time we all realized that finalizing our career life successfully and retiring at old age is a privilege that not everyone gets to have. It should be rejoiced rather than mourned. The elderly should therefore embrace this stage of their lives and face it with confidence joy and pleasure. All that is required is to have the right attitude and realization that all that matters in life is living life the way we choose for ourselves without giving much attention to external distractions. Get a 2020 medicare supplement plan here www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ to be prepared. The society should also be more supportive and accommodative to the elderly retirees. They were just like us at a certain point in life. We will be like them too.



It’s said that life without purpose is meaningless and somehow senseless. But what is it that brings purpose to life for it to be meaningful? The answer to the above is somehow relative. Some would say that having something to do or simply an activity to get engaged in is what makes living worth. To others the capacity to sufficiently meet their needs is what matters. So how can one enjoy a purposeful living after retirement? This is with respect to the broad and mistaken perception that retirement is basically that period succeeding a long time career life and in which many have attained that age when actively contribute or participate in many societal affairs becomes somehow impossible.


It’s time we changed the rhetoric. Active living does not necessarily end after active service. And a living soul is always worth something not only to its “person” but to the entire community. It must be clearly understood that each and every day on the universe is another opportunity to take up a role in the society regardless of one’s age. It doesn’t matter whether the same is meant to benefit your neighbor or for self-satisfaction since a hopeless man is not only a burden to himself but to the society as well. As such elderly retirees need not to idle after service but take up some beneficial activities. The list  of the activities available is somehow endless ranging from volunteering to serve in community based activities if possible, taking up life time hobbies such as wild hunting, playing musical instruments, soft sporting  to reading or even writing for leisure or commercial purposes just to mention a few.


It is the main drive behind each and every venture that we as human beings decide to take up. That “from within” spirit together with a right mindset is very vital and cannot be wished away. Positive outcome from any undertaking just to say the least depends highly on one’s attitude and mindset towards the same. The opposite is inevitable and failure is irrefutable if the latter is not factored in prior to any venture. It has to be out of one’s free will for the desired outcome to be achievable. Not by way of coercion, undue influence or duress for that matter. Age should therefore never take away anybody’s worth. Visit www.Medicaresupplementplans2019.com/medicare-supplement-plan-f-2019/ to enroll and get plan F in 2019.

Treatment Options for Burning Feet in Seniors

Treatment Options for Burning Feet in Seniors

1. Make a contrast bath for the feet, pouring warm water on them, then cool water. Water should not be too hot or too cold. During the procedure, the person should be comfortable. The duration of the shower or bath should be approximately 20 minutes. Lastly, you need to moisturize your feet with a cream containing menthol.

2. Lie down so that the legs are located above the level of the head, stay in this position for about 10 minutes.

3. Treat your feet with a moisturizer, moving from the tips of your fingers up along the leg.

4. Use decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, hops, wormwood, lime blossom).

5. You can eliminate the burning sensation by performing simple exercises, for example, flexing and extending the toes, twisting your feet clockwise and counterclockwise. This can help normalize the blood circulation, and allow you to overcome the burning sensation.

6. Feet can be massaged with both fingers and special massagers. Excellent massage can be done with peas, small stones, buckwheat or pebbles. It is necessary to pour small stones (preferably sea ones), buckwheat or peas on the floor or a special mat and walk along them barefoot for 5–10 minutes.

7. Physiotherapy, including magnetotherapy, electrophoresis can also prove beneficial for seniors who’re experiencing burning feet.

8.Herbal baths with the collection of wormwood, hops, chamomile, and marigold. For this, two spoons are poured over a liter of boiling water. After the broth has cooled to room temperature, it is necessary to immerse the legs in it for 30 minutes.

9. You can make applications with blue clay. The softened mass is applied to the feet, tightly wrapped with food film for about two hours. Then the product is washed off, and a cooling gel is rubbed into the skin of the feet. The procedure can be repeated every three days.

10.Pour two spoons of horse chestnut in 500 ml of boiling water and infuse for half an hour. The resulting broth should be drunk during the day in equal portions. Ideally, you want to have it three times a day (20 drops before meals).

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Treatment for Heart Failure in Older Adults

Treatment for Heart Failure in Older Adults

Modern medical therapy can effectively deal with heart failure. Treatment in old age involves the use of the following groups of drugs: Cardiac glycosides, for the production of which the digitalis plant is used, are now actively used in the treatment of heart failure in old age. Drugs in this group increase the strength of heart contractions and affect metabolic processes in the heart cells, due to which the blood supply to the body improves significantly. However, the side effects of cardiac glycosides, especially in the treatment of elderly patients, can be much stronger than the effect of treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced healthcare provider before taking such type of drugs.

Diuretics are used since the twentieth century in order to stimulate the excretion of excess fluid and salt from the body with urine. Also, they help facilitate blood flow and regulate the blood pressure in seniors. Vasodilators: They are a group of modern drugs that contribute to the expansion of peripheral arteries and facilitate the passage of blood through the vessels, which, in turn, greatly enhances the work of the heart. In emergency situations, for example, when violations of the heart valves leading to heart failure, treatment in the elderly is performed by surgical methods. In some cases, only a heart transplant can save a patient’s life.

Treatment of heart failure in the elderly may be associated with the following difficulties: The presence of one or more concomitant diseases. Taking multiple drugs at the same time. Usually, at the beginning of the therapy, the doctor may prescribe a small dose, which can be increased after some time. High risk of side effects may include:

  • Allergies
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of discipline in taking medications

The patient’s lack of motivation to recover

With aging, the human body, including its cardiovascular system, changes significantly. To avoid a number of negative phenomena, exercises can greatly help. By performing them regularly, you can get rid of excess fat mass, normalize heart rate and blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as stop the development of atherosclerosis. About Advantage Coverage: Known as 2019 Medicare advantage plans, seniors can use them as an add-on to cover costs including copay, coinsurance, etc.

Tips to Boost Health in Senior Citizens

Tips to Boost Health in Senior Citizens

1. An infusion of rye stalks and star grass will give your body a boost of energy and give strength. Pour two tablespoons of grass collection in one liter of boiling water. Infuse herbs for forty minutes and then strain. During the day, it is enough to drink half a liter of this infusion to obtain the desired effect.

2. Bran plays a very important role in the diet of an elderly person. It is enough to take one tablespoon of bran and pour it with water (500 ml). Boil for 35 minutes, stirring the mixture regularly. In a cooked product, put a few tablespoons of honey. Eat ready-made bran four times a day, 50 grams.

3. Drink from oats is a wonderful tool with tonic properties. Rinse the oats in cool water and cover with five glasses of water. Next, you need to put the mixture on a small fire and boil until the evaporation of half of the original volume of liquid. Strain the decoction of oats. You can add a little milk and boil again.

4. Sea kale is a very healthy product, rich in trace elements, minerals, and iodine. In addition to its qualities that have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, sea kale has chic cleansing properties. It will help get rid of toxins in your body. After drinking it, you can already feel a surge of vitality, positive emotions, and energy in your body. To the table, it is served both in dry and in canned form.

5. Horsetail is also a powerful detoxifier. Use it mainly in the form of a tea drink. Brewed in the traditional way, as a simple tea, pre-cut and dried field horsetail. Add honey to taste and enjoy the tea ceremony.

6. Birch buds: This tree has been used since ancient times as a strong body cleansing agent, which removes slags from the body and has a tonic effect.

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