Retirement is associated with a lot of self- reflection in regards to someone’s past, present and even future life. The quality of life that one has lived, achievements realized as well as failures is some of the issues that retirees reminisce on as a measure of their life’s worth. A lot of them also find themselves thinking about their aging and it’s normal. For there is that period when one is youthful and beautiful, when the face is shiny, the skin quite smooth and with even tone. When the body is energetic, physically fit to undertake any activity without experiencing back aches and complaining of joint pain. When the brain is at its best and slow thinking or memory loss don’t form part of one’s vocabulary. However, old age changes all the above and copping with these changes can be a challenge depending on one’s approach towards the same.


We all love looking good and staying fit. As such a wrinkled skin, loss of physical fitness and diminishing mental capabilities can be devastating. It can be too serious that some elderly people ultimately lose their self-esteem and drown into depression. Our society is also kind of cruel and mostly focuses too much on the negative rather than the positive aspects of one’s life and personality. As such the elderly are at times subjected to unnecessary ridicule based on their age, physical appearances, living conditions and the choices they make. This is by immoral men and women in the society who do not realize that they are too aging and sooner or later they might be in the same situation ironically if “lucky enough”. The question is. Does it really matter? Should old age or rather physical appearance be a determinant to a person’s worth or personality?


Old age is a blessing and a sign of a life well lived. It’s time we all realized that finalizing our career life successfully and retiring at old age is a privilege that not everyone gets to have. It should be rejoiced rather than mourned. The elderly should therefore embrace this stage of their lives and face it with confidence joy and pleasure. All that is required is to have the right attitude and realization that all that matters in life is living life the way we choose for ourselves without giving much attention to external distractions. Get a 2020 medicare supplement plan here www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ to be prepared. The society should also be more supportive and accommodative to the elderly retirees. They were just like us at a certain point in life. We will be like them too.