Popular Morning Exercises for the Elderly

Popular Morning Exercises for the Elderly


Lie on your back, legs comfortably bend at the knees, place your hands on your stomach. We carry out the breathing of the diaphragm: once – inhale with the nose, to inflate the stomach; two – exhale slowly to draw in your stomach. Watch your well-being, as an elderly person may experience dizziness.

Passing the Ball

Put your legs together, arms outstretched to the sides, hold the ball in your right hand (or another object suitable for shifting). Inhale once, pass the ball to your left hand under the bent knee, exhale. Two, lie down on the starting position, inhale. Three, – pass the ball from the left hand to the right below the left knee, exhale. Four, go back to the place, inhale. Repeat three times.


Legs are straight, arms calmly lie along the body. First, raise your right hand, put it behind the head, left foot sliding on the floor, raise in the knee, inhale. Two, back to the beginning, exhale. Three, the left hand behind the head, the right leg bend, inhale. Four, lay down at attention, exhale.


We lay quietly on the floor, legs together, arms along the body. Once on the floor, take your right arm and left foot to the side, inhale. Two, return back, exhale. Three, on the floor we set aside the left arm and the right leg, inhale. Four, come back, exhale. If the exercise is difficult for older people, then you can withdraw your right leg and arm, respectively. Again it’s time to count the pulse in one minute. Remember, what frequency is your maximum and do not exceed it.


Bend your arms in front with a “shelf”, raising your head, look up. Once, turn your head to the right, lower it into your hands with your left side, relax, exhale. Two, go back, look up, inhale. Three, turn your head to the left, lower it in your arms, relax, exhale. Four, go back, look up, inhale. Can be repeated four times.


Bend your arms in front of you so that your head rests on your hands. Easily and naturally, alternately bend and unbend the legs at the knees.


We stand, resting on our knees and palms. Once – right hand forward, left foot back, inhale. Two, keeping balance, we return to all fours, exhale. Three, the left arm forward, and the right leg to pull back inhale. Four, return to the starting position, exhale.


Sit on a chair, hold the seat with your hands to gain stability. Legs bent at the knees at right angles. Roll your feet from heel to toe and back. Repeat six times.


Sit on a chair, calmly put your hands on your knees. Once, raise your hands up through the sides, inhale. Two, lower your hands again on the knees, slightly bending forward, exhale. Can be repeated five times.

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