It’s said that life without purpose is meaningless and somehow senseless. But what is it that brings purpose to life for it to be meaningful? The answer to the above is somehow relative. Some would say that having something to do or simply an activity to get engaged in is what makes living worth. To others the capacity to sufficiently meet their needs is what matters. So how can one enjoy a purposeful living after retirement? This is with respect to the broad and mistaken perception that retirement is basically that period succeeding a long time career life and in which many have attained that age when actively contribute or participate in many societal affairs becomes somehow impossible.


It’s time we changed the rhetoric. Active living does not necessarily end after active service. And a living soul is always worth something not only to its “person” but to the entire community. It must be clearly understood that each and every day on the universe is another opportunity to take up a role in the society regardless of one’s age. It doesn’t matter whether the same is meant to benefit your neighbor or for self-satisfaction since a hopeless man is not only a burden to himself but to the society as well. As such elderly retirees need not to idle after service but take up some beneficial activities. The list  of the activities available is somehow endless ranging from volunteering to serve in community based activities if possible, taking up life time hobbies such as wild hunting, playing musical instruments, soft sporting  to reading or even writing for leisure or commercial purposes just to mention a few.


It is the main drive behind each and every venture that we as human beings decide to take up. That “from within” spirit together with a right mindset is very vital and cannot be wished away. Positive outcome from any undertaking just to say the least depends highly on one’s attitude and mindset towards the same. The opposite is inevitable and failure is irrefutable if the latter is not factored in prior to any venture. It has to be out of one’s free will for the desired outcome to be achievable. Not by way of coercion, undue influence or duress for that matter. Age should therefore never take away anybody’s worth. Visit to enroll and get plan F in 2019.