Tips to Boost Health in Senior Citizens

Tips to Boost Health in Senior Citizens

1. An infusion of rye stalks and star grass will give your body a boost of energy and give strength. Pour two tablespoons of grass collection in one liter of boiling water. Infuse herbs for forty minutes and then strain. During the day, it is enough to drink half a liter of this infusion to obtain the desired effect.

2. Bran plays a very important role in the diet of an elderly person. It is enough to take one tablespoon of bran and pour it with water (500 ml). Boil for 35 minutes, stirring the mixture regularly. In a cooked product, put a few tablespoons of honey. Eat ready-made bran four times a day, 50 grams.

3. Drink from oats is a wonderful tool with tonic properties. Rinse the oats in cool water and cover with five glasses of water. Next, you need to put the mixture on a small fire and boil until the evaporation of half of the original volume of liquid. Strain the decoction of oats. You can add a little milk and boil again.

4. Sea kale is a very healthy product, rich in trace elements, minerals, and iodine. In addition to its qualities that have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, sea kale has chic cleansing properties. It will help get rid of toxins in your body. After drinking it, you can already feel a surge of vitality, positive emotions, and energy in your body. To the table, it is served both in dry and in canned form.

5. Horsetail is also a powerful detoxifier. Use it mainly in the form of a tea drink. Brewed in the traditional way, as a simple tea, pre-cut and dried field horsetail. Add honey to taste and enjoy the tea ceremony.

6. Birch buds: This tree has been used since ancient times as a strong body cleansing agent, which removes slags from the body and has a tonic effect.

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