Treatment for Heart Failure in Older Adults

Treatment for Heart Failure in Older Adults

Modern medical therapy can effectively deal with heart failure. Treatment in old age involves the use of the following groups of drugs: Cardiac glycosides, for the production of which the digitalis plant is used, are now actively used in the treatment of heart failure in old age. Drugs in this group increase the strength of heart contractions and affect metabolic processes in the heart cells, due to which the blood supply to the body improves significantly. However, the side effects of cardiac glycosides, especially in the treatment of elderly patients, can be much stronger than the effect of treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced healthcare provider before taking such type of drugs.

Diuretics are used since the twentieth century in order to stimulate the excretion of excess fluid and salt from the body with urine. Also, they help facilitate blood flow and regulate the blood pressure in seniors. Vasodilators: They are a group of modern drugs that contribute to the expansion of peripheral arteries and facilitate the passage of blood through the vessels, which, in turn, greatly enhances the work of the heart. In emergency situations, for example, when violations of the heart valves leading to heart failure, treatment in the elderly is performed by surgical methods. In some cases, only a heart transplant can save a patient’s life.

Treatment of heart failure in the elderly may be associated with the following difficulties: The presence of one or more concomitant diseases. Taking multiple drugs at the same time. Usually, at the beginning of the therapy, the doctor may prescribe a small dose, which can be increased after some time. High risk of side effects may include:

  • Allergies
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of discipline in taking medications

The patient’s lack of motivation to recover

With aging, the human body, including its cardiovascular system, changes significantly. To avoid a number of negative phenomena, exercises can greatly help. By performing them regularly, you can get rid of excess fat mass, normalize heart rate and blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, as well as stop the development of atherosclerosis. About Advantage Coverage: Known as 2019 Medicare advantage plans, seniors can use them as an add-on to cover costs including copay, coinsurance, etc.