Treatment Options for Burning Feet in Seniors

Treatment Options for Burning Feet in Seniors

1. Make a contrast bath for the feet, pouring warm water on them, then cool water. Water should not be too hot or too cold. During the procedure, the person should be comfortable. The duration of the shower or bath should be approximately 20 minutes. Lastly, you need to moisturize your feet with a cream containing menthol.

2. Lie down so that the legs are located above the level of the head, stay in this position for about 10 minutes.

3. Treat your feet with a moisturizer, moving from the tips of your fingers up along the leg.

4. Use decoctions of herbs (chamomile, calendula, hops, wormwood, lime blossom).

5. You can eliminate the burning sensation by performing simple exercises, for example, flexing and extending the toes, twisting your feet clockwise and counterclockwise. This can help normalize the blood circulation, and allow you to overcome the burning sensation.

6. Feet can be massaged with both fingers and special massagers. Excellent massage can be done with peas, small stones, buckwheat or pebbles. It is necessary to pour small stones (preferably sea ones), buckwheat or peas on the floor or a special mat and walk along them barefoot for 5–10 minutes.

7. Physiotherapy, including magnetotherapy, electrophoresis can also prove beneficial for seniors who’re experiencing burning feet.

8.Herbal baths with the collection of wormwood, hops, chamomile, and marigold. For this, two spoons are poured over a liter of boiling water. After the broth has cooled to room temperature, it is necessary to immerse the legs in it for 30 minutes.

9. You can make applications with blue clay. The softened mass is applied to the feet, tightly wrapped with food film for about two hours. Then the product is washed off, and a cooling gel is rubbed into the skin of the feet. The procedure can be repeated every three days.

10.Pour two spoons of horse chestnut in 500 ml of boiling water and infuse for half an hour. The resulting broth should be drunk during the day in equal portions. Ideally, you want to have it three times a day (20 drops before meals).

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