Hanes Racerback Sports Bra: Maximum Support and Comfort for Active Women


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The Hanes Women’s Wireless Racerback Sports Bra is a moisture-wicking compression support bra that provides excellent support and comfort during workouts. With a high rating and over 10,000 reviews, this bra has caught the attention of many active individuals. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this bra and provide insights into its fit, support, and overall performance.

When I first tried on the Hanes Racerback Sports Bra, I was impressed by its incredible support. There was absolutely no movement, making it ideal for intense workouts where I needed maximum support. However, I did encounter some difficulty getting it on. I recommend sizing up, possibly even two sizes, to ensure a better fit. While it may be a bit challenging to put on, the level of support it offers is worth it.

I found the bra to be comfortable and supportive throughout my activities. The absence of a back closure or any rubbing and pulling made it even more enjoyable to wear. I appreciated its minimizing feature, which gave a smoother appearance. Although it may not be suitable to wear without a top over it, it almost looks like a tank top and can be styled accordingly.

Support and Comfort

The Hanes Women’s Wireless Racerback Sports Bra provides excellent support for high-impact activities. It reduces movement and ensures that everything stays in place, making it perfect for running, playing sports, or any other intense workout. The bra is designed with moisture-wicking fabric, which helps keep you dry and comfortable even during the most intense workouts. Despite its strong support, the bra is surprisingly comfortable to wear, with no rubbing, pulling, or itching. The racerback design also adds to the comfort, allowing for a full range of motion.

Sizing and Fit

It’s important to note that the Hanes Racerback Sports Bra runs small, so it’s recommended to size up. Many customers have found that they need to go up one or even two sizes to get the right fit. While this may make it a bit challenging to put on, especially in smaller sizes, the extra support is worth it. The bra fits snugly and securely once you have it on, ensuring maximum support and minimizing any bouncing or movement. It’s also worth mentioning that the bra does not have a back or front closure, which adds to its comfort but may require a little extra effort to put on.

Flattering Appearance

Unlike traditional sports bras, the Hanes Racerback Sports Bra has a more tank top-like look, which makes it versatile for both workout and casual wear. It doesn’t necessarily look like a bra, making it a great option to wear on its own or under a top. However, it may not provide enough coverage or support for those who prefer to wear it without a top over it. The bra offers a minimizing effect, which can be flattering for those who want a smoother and slightly smaller chest appearance.

Compression and Binding

The Hanes Racerback Sports Bra provides a good amount of compression, making it a suitable option for those looking for some chest binding. While it’s not as effective as a dedicated binder, it does offer a secure and comfortable alternative for binding, especially for shorter durations. Some users have found that it works well in alleviating dysphoria and providing a more masculine chest appearance. However, it’s important to note that if you have a larger chest or muscle in your chest, there may be some discomfort in the armpit area.

Price and Quality

The Hanes Racerback Sports Bra offers great value for its price. At $10.84, it provides excellent support, comfort, and durability. The fabric is soft and strong, ensuring that the bra holds up well even after multiple uses. It’s a reliable option for those with larger breasts, as it keeps everything in place and provides the necessary support for high-impact activities. While some users have noted inconsistencies in sizing, overall, the bra offers a great balance between quality and affordability.

Customer Reviews

Customers have generally praised the Hanes Racerback Sports Bra for its support, comfort, and versatility. Many have found it to be a great option for working out, providing the right amount of support and keeping everything secure. Some have even compared it to a binder in terms of compression, making it a suitable choice for those who want a more flattened chest appearance. However, there have been some comments about the sizing being inconsistent, with certain colors or sizes running smaller than others. It’s important to keep this in mind when selecting the right size.


  • Super supportive, no movement during activities.
  • Comfortable and minimizes chest size.
  • Looks like a tank top, can be worn as a top by itself.


  • Difficult to put on, recommend sizing up.
  • No padding, may not be suitable for larger-chested individuals.
  • Material is stretchy, may cause some sagging.


    In conclusion, the Hanes Racerback Sports Bra is a highly supportive and comfortable option for active individuals. While it may require sizing up and can be a bit challenging to put on, its moisture-wicking properties, compression support, and overall comfort make it a great choice for workouts. Whether you’re playing sports, running, or engaging in any high-impact activities, this bra will provide the support you need. I would highly recommend giving it a try, especially if you prioritize both comfort and support in your athletic wear.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the bra comfortable to wear during workouts?

    Answer: Yes, the bra provides great support and keeps the chest secure and comfortable during physical activities.

    Question: Can the bra be worn without a top over it?

    Answer: While it looks like a tank top, it is recommended to wear a top over the bra. However, if you’re comfortable, you can wear it as a top.

    Question: Does the bra have padding?

    Answer: No, the bra does not have any padding. It is a compression bra designed for support rather than adding volume.

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