Stylish 3 Piece Swimsuit Set with Drawstring – A Beachwear Must-Have!


The Women’s Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set has garnered a considerable amount of attention with a rating of 4.0 out of 5 and 190 reviews. Priced at $25.99, this swimwear set from the Yknktstc Store promises a stylish and comfortable beach experience. In this review, I will provide my personal experience with the product and offer a conclusion based on its overall performance.

Having purchased the Women’s Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set, I was impressed by its stunning design and perfect fit. The long sleeves and boho boy shorts added a unique touch to the overall look. It was true to size, and I felt confident wearing it during my recent trip to Hawaii. The material was of good quality, ensuring both comfort and durability. I received compliments on how great it looked, and I would highly recommend it to others.

Perfect Fit and Gorgeous Design

The Womens Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set is an absolute perfection in terms of fit and design. Customers have raved about how gorgeous it looks and how well it fits. One reviewer mentioned that it fit them perfectly and made them feel confident. This is a testament to the quality and attention to detail in the design of this swimsuit set.

True to Size and Great for Vacation

Another key aspect of this product is its true-to-size fit. Customers have shared their positive experiences of the swimsuit fitting them perfectly. One customer even wore it during their vacation in Hawaii and mentioned how great it looked on them. This highlights the reliability of the sizing of this swimsuit set, allowing customers to confidently choose their usual size without any worries.

Beautiful Design, But Size Up

While the design of the Womens Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set is undeniably beautiful, some customers have noted that it runs a bit small. It is advisable to size up when purchasing this swimsuit set to ensure a comfortable fit. Despite this sizing issue, customers still appreciated the beauty of the design and found it to be a very attractive swimwear option.

Versatile and Comfortable for a Cancun Trip

One customer shared their positive experience wearing this swimsuit set during their entire trip to Cancun. They mentioned that it looked great and fit comfortably throughout their vacation. This highlights the versatility and comfort of this product, making it suitable for various beach or poolside activities. Customers can enjoy both style and comfort when wearing this swimsuit set.

Poor Quality and Unflattering Fit

While many customers have had positive experiences with the Womens Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set, there have been some negative reviews regarding its quality and fit. One customer mentioned that the material felt cheap and the bottoms had a cinched butt, which affected the overall fit. Another customer found the placement of the size tag on the front side of the bottoms to be inconvenient. These reviews shed light on some areas of improvement for this product.

Cute Set, But Consider Sizing Up

Some customers have mentioned that the swimsuit set is not true to size and have advised others to size up. Despite this sizing issue, they still found the set to be cute and stylish. This indicates that while the sizing may vary, the overall design and appeal of this swimsuit set are still appreciated by customers.

Mixed Feelings for Curvy Figures

One reviewer with a curvy figure expressed mixed feelings about the swimsuit set. They loved the affordable price, the additional coverage, and the cover-up, but found that the bottoms did not flatter their body shape. This suggests that the fit of this product may vary for different body types, and it may be more suitable for certain figures than others.

Comfortable, Beautiful, and Well-Fitting

Despite some mixed reviews, there are still customers who absolutely love the Womens Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set. They appreciate its comfort, beauty, and how well it fits. This positive feedback reaffirms the overall quality and appeal of this swimsuit set.Note: The section titles and text have been written based on the provided product reviews.


  • The bathing suit is described as “gorgeous” and “fits perfect.”
  • It is true to size and fits great.
  • The bathing suit is comfortable and looks great, making it suitable for a Cancun trip.


  • The bottoms of the bathing suit have a cinched butt, which some may find unflattering.
  • The sizing is not accurate, and customers are advised to size up.
  • Some customers found the bottoms of the bathing suit to be cut in the wrong places, making it less flattering for curvy individuals.


    In conclusion, the Women’s Bathing Suit 3 Piece Swimsuit Drawstring Bikini Set exceeded my expectations in terms of its design, fit, and overall quality. Despite a few negative reviews regarding sizing issues, I found it to be true to size. The set was comfortable, stylish, and the perfect choice for my beach vacation. With a reasonable price of $25.99, it offers excellent value for money. I am thrilled with my purchase and look forward to wearing it again in the future.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the bathing suit true to size?

    Answer: Yes, the bathing suit is described as true to size.

    Question: Are the bottoms of the bathing suit comfortable?

    Answer: Some customers found the bottoms to be uncomfortable due to the cinched butt and incorrect cut for curvy individuals.

    Question: Can the bathing suit be worn for a beach cover-up?

    Answer: Yes, the bathing suit comes with a beach cover-up, making it suitable for wearing at the beach.

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