Skechers Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker: Comfort and Durability in One


The Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker is a highly rated and popular shoe among customers. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over 19,817 reviews, it has garnered attention for its comfort and durability. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these sneakers and provide an overall conclusion based on user feedback.

I have always been on the lookout for affordable shoes that offer both comfort and style. When I came across the Skechers Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker, I was initially hesitant due to its slightly higher price tag compared to my usual purchases. However, I decided to give them a try, and I must say, they have exceeded my expectations.

These sneakers are incredibly comfortable, providing a soft and lightweight feel while still maintaining sturdiness. I have worn them for various activities such as running errands, walking, and even during long trips to amusement parks. They have proven to be durable, with my first pair lasting me a remarkable three years before showing signs of wear.

One of the standout features of these sneakers is the flexibility and ability to conform to my feet without feeling too tight or restrictive. I have never experienced any discomfort or blisters while wearing them. The slip-on design is also convenient and hassle-free, making it easy to put them on and take them off.

However, it’s important to note that these sneakers run a bit small. As someone who typically wears a 9 1/2 wide, I found that purchasing size 11 provided the perfect fit. So, I would recommend sizing up when purchasing these shoes.

Comfort and Durability

Customers rave about the comfort and durability of the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker. Many reviewers mention that these shoes are incredibly comfortable, with a soft and lightweight feel. Despite their lightweight construction, these sneakers are praised for their sturdiness and ability to withstand various activities such as walking, exercising, and even outdoor adventures. One customer even mentioned that their pair lasted for an impressive three years of regular use.

Versatility and Support

Another key aspect of the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker is its versatility. Reviewers mention that these shoes are suitable for a wide range of activities, from running errands to going on vacation. They are also praised for their excellent support, with customers mentioning that they provide a comfortable fit without feeling too tight or restrictive. The elastic ties make slipping these sneakers on and off a breeze, adding to their convenience.

Sizing and Fit

When it comes to sizing, some customers mention that the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker runs a bit small. It is recommended to go up a size, especially for those with wider feet. However, once you find the right size, these shoes fit like a glove. Customers appreciate that they don’t cause blisters and are able to flex and form with their feet. The overall fit and sizing of these sneakers receive positive feedback from reviewers.

Longevity and Quality

Reviewers express satisfaction with the longevity and quality of the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker. Despite being lightweight and soft, these shoes are built to last. Customers mention that even after years of wear and tear, the soles remain intact and the overall construction holds up well. This durability, combined with the reasonable price point, makes these sneakers a great investment for those looking for long-lasting footwear.

Slip-On Convenience

One standout feature of the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker is its slip-on design. Customers appreciate the ease of slipping these shoes on and off, with one reviewer mentioning that they can even be put on with just one hand. This convenience factor adds to the overall positive experience of wearing these sneakers and makes them a favorite among those looking for hassle-free footwear.

Positive Feedback for Sketchers

The Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker continues to receive positive feedback from customers who are loyal fans of the Sketchers brand. Many reviewers mention that they have been previous buyers of Sketchers sneakers and have found this particular model to be another winner. This speaks to the consistent quality and comfort that Sketchers delivers with their footwear options.

Critiques and Returns

While the majority of customers are highly satisfied with the Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker, there are a few critiques mentioned in reviews. Some customers with flat feet note that these sneakers lack arch support, which may not be suitable for everyone. Additionally, a few customers mention that the back of the sneaker is snug, which can cause discomfort and rubbing against the toe box. However, these critiques are outweighed by the overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Overall Impression

The Skechers Women’s Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker impresses customers with its comfort, durability, and versatility. These sneakers provide a comfortable fit, with a lightweight feel that doesn’t sacrifice sturdiness. The slip-on design adds convenience to the overall experience. With positive feedback for the Sketchers brand as a whole, these sneakers are a reliable choice for those seeking long-lasting and comfortable footwear.


  • These sneakers are incredibly comfortable and soft, providing excellent support for all-day wear.
  • They are lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy movement and preventing any tight or restrictive feeling.
  • The shoes are durable and long-lasting, withstanding various activities and excursions without wearing out quickly.


  • The sizing runs a bit small, so it’s recommended to order a size up for a perfect fit.
  • Some users found the lack of arch support to be a downside, especially for those with flat feet.
  • The back of the sneaker can be snug, pushing the foot forward and potentially causing discomfort or rubbing.


    In conclusion, the Skechers Summits-Quick Getaway Sneaker is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking comfortable and durable footwear. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from thousands of customers further validate its quality and performance. Despite being a bit pricier than other options, these sneakers are worth the investment due to their exceptional comfort, flexibility, and long-lasting durability. Whether you’re running errands or going on a trip, these sneakers will provide the support and comfort you need. I highly recommend giving them a try.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these sneakers suitable for walking or exercise?

    Answer: Yes, these sneakers are perfect for walking and exercising due to their comfort and durability.

    Question: Can these sneakers be easily slipped on and off?

    Answer: Yes, these sneakers have elastic ties, making them convenient to slip on and off without the need to tie laces.

    Question: How is the overall quality and design of these sneakers?

    Answer: The overall quality is excellent, with a nice design and color. They are worth the wait if there is a longer shipping time.

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