Stylish and Comfortable Button Down Skater Dress


The OUGES V Neck Button Down Skater Dress is a highly-rated and popular choice among customers, offering a comfortable and stylish option for everyday wear.

I have purchased multiple OUGES V Neck Button Down Skater Dresses in various colors over the years. The cotton material provides exceptional comfort, though it is important to note that the dresses tend to run slightly small due to their Chinese manufacturing. Despite this, the dresses have become a wardrobe staple for me, offering unparalleled comfort and versatility. The dresses are well-made, with deep pockets and a flattering fit that complements my body shape. The colors have remained vibrant even after multiple washes, and the overall quality of the dress has exceeded my expectations.

Comfort and Fit

The OUGES Women’s V Neck Button Down Skater Dress with Pockets is renowned for its comfortable fit and flattering design. Made from cotton, the dress offers a soft and breathable feel, perfect for all-day wear. The slightly high waist fit and knee-length hem make it suitable for various body shapes, providing a flattering silhouette. Customers appreciate the deep pockets below the waistline, adding functionality to the stylish piece. Despite the dress running slightly small, many find that it adapts well to different body types, offering a versatile and comfortable fit.

Quality and Durability

With a product rating of 4.2 out of 5, the OUGES dress boasts impressive quality and durability. Customers praise the secure stitching and nice detailing at the neck, highlighting the attention to detail in the design. The dress is made from a substantial yet smooth cotton fabric that maintains its shape even after multiple washes. The addition of spandex provides a nice amount of give, ensuring a comfortable and form-fitting look. Despite some shrinkage after washing, the dress retains its color and structure, making it a long-lasting wardrobe staple.

Style Versatility

The OUGES dress offers versatility in styling options, making it a versatile piece for various occasions. Customers appreciate the flattering design that falls just low enough on the neck to be flirty yet practical. The dress can be easily dressed up with accessories like leggings, sweaters, and boots for a chic ensemble. Its timeless appeal makes it suitable for casual outings, work settings, or even as pajamas. The cute button-down front and whimsical patterns add a touch of fun to the overall style, making it a favorite among those looking for a versatile wardrobe staple.

Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Customer reviews of the OUGES dress highlight its popularity among a wide range of body types and style preferences. From petite sizes to larger frames, customers find the dress to be true to size and flattering. The inclusion of pockets and the comfortable stretch material are noted as standout features that enhance the overall appeal of the dress. Despite some minor issues like shrinkage or sheerness in lighter colors, many customers express satisfaction with the quality, fit, and style of the dress. Recommendations to others emphasize its suitability for various body shapes and its comfortable yet stylish design.

Overall Satisfaction

The OUGES Women’s V Neck Button Down Skater Dress with Pockets garners high praise for its overall quality, comfort, and style. Customers express satisfaction with the fit, durability, and versatility of the dress, making it a go-to option for everyday wear. The dress’s flattering silhouette, functional pockets, and breathable fabric make it a popular choice among those seeking a comfortable yet chic wardrobe staple. With a range of colors and sizes available, the OUGES dress caters to diverse preferences and body types, ensuring a positive shopping experience for customers seeking a stylish and practical dress option.


        The OUGES V Neck Button Down Skater Dress is a must-have for anyone seeking a comfortable, stylish, and affordable wardrobe staple. The cotton material, flattering fit, and range of colors make it a versatile option for various occasions. With its exceptional quality and comfort, this dress has become my go-to choice for both casual and dressier outings.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Is the dress true to size?

        Answer: The dress may run slightly small, so it is recommended to consider sizing up for a better fit.

        Question: Are the pockets deep enough to hold a phone?

        Answer: Yes, the dress features deep pockets below the waistline that can easily hold a phone and keys.

        Question: Is the material of the dress prone to shrinking?

        Answer: The dress is made of cotton, which may shrink slightly after washings, so it is advisable to follow care instructions to maintain its size.

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