Cozy and Stylish Fleece Jacket: Customer Reviews


The Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket has been receiving rave reviews for its quality and cozy warmth. Let’s dive into some personal experiences shared by customers to get a better understanding of this popular fleece jacket.

I recently purchased the Columbia Fast Trek II Jacket and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The fit was perfect, true to size, and the material felt soft against my skin. I appreciated the attention to detail, especially the lack of elastic at the wrist which added to the overall comfort. This jacket kept me warm on chilly days without feeling bulky, making it a great addition to my wardrobe.

Fit and Comfort

Customers consistently praise the fit of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket, noting that it fits as expected and provides a comfortable wearing experience. The jacket is described as being form-fitting without being tight or bulky, making it a versatile option for various body types. Many reviewers appreciate the true-to-size nature of the jacket, allowing room for layering underneath while still maintaining a flattering silhouette.

Material Quality

The material quality of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket is highly praised by users, with many noting the nice material and good overall construction. Despite being lightweight, the jacket is commended for its warmth, making it ideal for chilly days or as a layering piece in colder weather. Customers also appreciate the softness of the fleece material, which adds to the comfort and coziness of the jacket.

Design and Style

Reviewers admire the design and style of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket, highlighting its sleek look and practical features. The jacket is described as stylish without being overly flashy, making it a versatile option for various occasions. Customers specifically mention the absence of elastic at the wrist, a design choice that adds to the overall comfort and ease of wear. The jacket’s color accuracy, soft material, and functional zipper are also noted as standout features.

Sizing Concerns

While many customers find the sizing of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket to be accurate, some note that it may run slightly small for their preferences. Individuals who prefer a looser fit or need extra room for layering may consider sizing up to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. Despite sizing discrepancies, reviewers appreciate the quality and warmth of the jacket, with some opting to exchange for a larger size to achieve the desired fit.

Durability and Construction

The durability and construction of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket receive mixed reviews from customers. While many praise the overall quality and warmth of the jacket, some express disappointment in the sewing quality, citing issues such as twisted zippers and poor stitching. Despite these concerns, the jacket is commended for its warmth, comfort, and stylish appearance, making it a popular choice for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Performance in Various Conditions

Customers highlight the versatility and performance of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket in various conditions. The jacket is praised for its warmth and comfort, making it suitable for spring days, cool evenings, and layering in colder weather. Reviewers appreciate the jacket’s ability to provide ample warmth without feeling bulky or restrictive, allowing for easy movement and all-day wear. The jacket’s smart design and superior warmth make it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and casual wearers alike.

Length and Fit for Tall Individuals

Tall individuals may find the length and fit of the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket to be slightly short, according to some customer reviews. While the jacket is lauded for its warmth and style, taller wearers note that it may appear slightly cropped or ill-fitting on their frame. Despite this feedback, the jacket’s overall quality and performance receive positive remarks, with many users opting to keep the jacket despite minor fit issues.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Overall, customers express high satisfaction with the Columbia Women’s Fast Trek II Jacket, praising its fit, comfort, warmth, and style. Despite minor sizing concerns and construction issues, the jacket is widely regarded as a reliable and versatile option for outdoor activities, daily wear, and layering in various weather conditions. The jacket’s soft material, functional design, and flattering fit make it a popular choice among those seeking a comfortable and stylish fleece jacket for everyday use.


        In conclusion, the Columbia Fast Trek II Jacket stands out as a versatile and stylish option for those looking for a lightweight yet warm fleece jacket. Despite a few comments about sizing and sewing quality, the majority of reviewers have praised its comfort, fit, and durability. I highly recommend this jacket for anyone in need of a reliable and cozy outerwear option.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Is the jacket true to size?

        Answer: Yes, the jacket fits as expected and is true to size based on customer reviews.

        Question: Is the jacket warm enough for chilly days?

        Answer: Customers have mentioned that the jacket is lightweight but still provides warmth, making it suitable for chilly days.

        Question: Are there any design features worth noting?

        Answer: Some customers have highlighted that the jacket is form-fitting and not bulky or boxy, offering a flattering look.

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